03 April 2003

Updated Marker Chart and Phylogenetic Tree Results

This update includes a number of MacGregor sept names and aliases. It will be noticed that the charts, which represent two different ways of interpreting the data, are becoming increasingly complex. I have therefore, for the moment, omitted results for Dowie, Gruer, and Nevins, the first 2 lying within the former HG1 group and the third being the former HG2. I have, however, made some charts also using these names and will supply them to anyone who wishes to see them by return e-mail to: Richard McGregor. If I can work out a more concise way of presenting the charts I will include these names in the future on the online charts.

Please note that the terms HG1 (haplogroup 1) and HG2 (haplogroup 2) have been superceded by a more refined nomenclature. I have retained the original labelling since most of the earlier articles on DNA use this terminology. Please also note that Stirling may not belong to HG2.

Chart 1 - Phylogenetic Tree (click to enlarge)

Table A - Marker Comparison (click to enlarge)

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